Friday, February 17, 2012

An Open Letter To God

Dear God, 
I have spent my entire life knowing about you and knowing you on some degree and level... yet, half-way through this journey I feel the most estranged from you as though we are virtual strangers. We had one of those deep childhood friendships that has faded and become distant as the years have passed by.
As is so often the case with you, paradoxically, I simultaneously have never been so intimately aware of your constant presence. You are closer than my skin, you flow through my veins,  you sit deep within. You promised me years ago that you would never leave me or forsake me you would never leave me orphaned. And I know that  I know that I know, that you have made this a deep, irrevocable reality between you and  I.
So why this feeling of such distance, like we need to get to know one another again.  I feel like we need to start over again from scratch, yet because we have been so close and you and I are really quite intimate, I am at a loss how to begin again... do I initiate, or do you?